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Why drive for SPD?

Smokey Point Distributing (SPD) is an OTR company specializing in high-value aerospace freight and freight consolidation. We are looking for team and solo flatbed professional drivers to join our team.

We recognize as a professional driver you have choices, this is why one of SPD's highest priorities is to provide you with an exceptional employment experience. SPD drivers are the backbone of our company and we continually improve our facilities, equipment, and policies to ensure our drivers feel valued. This is why SPD has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry!

"We want to hire you to retire you. We want to be the last company you drive for."

- Dan Wirkkala, CEO

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​Great Pay & Benefits!

  • Top earners make up to $130,000 +

  • Mileage pay up to .66 CPM

  • $2,625 transition bonus paid out within first 3 weeks!

  • Safety bonus paid out monthly to qualified drivers up to .05 CPM

  • Home time based on time out: 1.5 days for every week on the road or since last home time event

  • Pet & rider policies

  • Affordable benefits (employee + family)

  • 401k match

"Having a guaranteed steady income with the SPP program has removed so much stress. It even helped improve our credit scores!"

- Chris and Marilyn Dewey, Team Drivers

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Driver Perks!

  • Top of the line equipment

    • Governed at 68 mph

    • APU, inverter, refrigerator: ALL STANDARD

    • 32” Smart TV in new trucks

    • Automatic or 13-spd transmission available

  • Professional Driver Orientation

    • We pay for your travel to orientation and hotel accommodations

    • You are paid a minimum of $135/day during orientation and for your first two full pay periods.

  • Fuel Cards, Pre-Pass, EZ Pass, PikePass and Best-Pass

"The trucks are well maintained and the extras are great!"

- Jim Dean, Driver

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A Great Culture!

  • Driver-Centric and "Team First" culture

  • Private Driver's Group

    • SPD drivers participate in our private Facebook group to assist each other and share their driving experiences.

  • Weekly Live Facebook Stream

    • Each week we produce a live stream to ensure our drivers stay involved and informed.

Interested in driving with SPD?

Not a lot of time? No problem! Give us the basics and we'll help with the rest!

Get all the paperwork out of the way so you can get started as soon as possible!

Want to learn more? Have questions?

Call us at 1-360-474-5899

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