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Welcome to the Account Executive Sales Program! 


Smokey Point Distributing Inc. (SPD) is proud to offer its Account Executive Sales Program to a selected group of talented individuals. We offer this opportunity to both inexperienced and experienced individuals to create a rewarding professional sales career path in our transportation business.

In the various different stages of the program, your primary goal is to land a deal, but in reality, you are in the field of sales because you believe in the services you sell and are confident that SPD offers a better service over our competitors.  One of the most rewarding aspects of being involved in the field of sales is sharing in the positive experience of your customer. Their positive experience allows you to not only hear the excitement of your customer after you have sold them our product and service but to see the positive results they receive from the services our company and you provided.

Most people who succeed in the field of sales are drawn to the profession by their sheer competitive nature and drive to always improve. To be successful in transportation sales you must also be skilled at creating and maintaining a one-on-one connection while also being capable of thinking strategically when delivering a compelling presentation to a big customer group.

The field of sales in transportation can be a challenging profession, but we believe in SPD’s account executives and their ability to succeed and think they possess the necessary skills and business acumen to be successful at Smokey Point Distributing Inc.

If selected to join the Account Executive Sales Program, let me be the first to congratulate you on your achievement. This means we believe in your ability to make a difference to SPD’s growth and deliver a better transportation experience for our mutual customers.

Troy Fuller

Senior VP Sales and Marketing
Smokey Point Distributing Inc.


​Who is eligible for our Sales Program?


​Once you enter our program at any of the five stages you become an immediate part of our Sales Team here at Smokey Point Distributing Inc. As part of the Sales Team, you become eligible for a compensation structure which best matches your qualifications and then you are ready to begin your journey. Each professional sales person selected to join SPD’s Sales Team begins their journey in the stage that best matches their experience and value they bring to our organization.

SPD’s Account Executive Sales Program has five (5) different stages that offers you opportunity to develop a professional career and financial path at SPD: ranging from an Account Lead Generator to Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing. SPD’s goal is to “always” promote from within, so place yourself in a great position to advance and always strive to exceed expectations in every stage of the program.

Getting Your Sales Career Started...


Stage One  |  Account Lead Generator


​When initially joining the sales team, and not having experience in transportation or a customer base account to follow, you will begin your path as an Account Lead Generator. In this role, SPD will train and prepare you with valuable information about the company, teach you methods of prospecting potential customers, and assist in developing a communication strategy for making sales calls to customers. You will be responsible for tracking all your sales activities within a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) installed on your personal workstation.

As an Account Lead Generator, you will be working for an hourly wage, ranging from $16.00 to $18.00 equivalent to a base salary of $33,280.00 to $37,440.00, and working forty (40) hours per week. In Stage One, you will not be eligible for commission over and above your hourly compensation. Your primary duties include, but are not limited to, targeting potentially new customers and making approximately 40-50 calls per day. This is the building stage of your career path here at SPD and therefore to build your career you have to establish your foundation. Building a customer base as an Account Lead Generator is the first step in establishing a foundation from which you will launch your professional and financial career here at SPD.

In Stage One, you will be evaluated by your manager on how you demonstrate your ability to utilize the information and tools provided. During this training stage, your manager will also evaluate how well you represent the company professionally, along with your ability to create and maintain relationships with prospective customers. 

When you have demonstrated your work ethic and effective use of the CRM, along with your efforts in successfully developing some new customers, you will have placed yourself in a position for your manager to consider your advancement to the next stage of your professional sales path and career at SPD – Congratulations!

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Stage Two |  Jr. Account Executive


Congratulations on becoming a Jr. Account Executive for SPD. In Stage Two of your sales path at SPD, your overall success will come from the development of a larger and stronger customer base. The strength of your customer base can really begin to fast track your ability to add additional compensation to your base salary through commissions and accelerate your overall earning potential. This is an exciting time in your professional growth and becoming eligible for your next opportunity for advancement to “Stage Three” as a Sr. Account Executive here at SPD.

Reaching this stage is a huge step in achieving financial and professional success. As a Jr. Account Executive you are eligible to receive discretionary increases to your base salary starting at $37.500.00 with an opportunity to earn up to $47,500.00. In developing some new customers and establishing some success in sales while also demonstrating overall impressive progress, you now become eligible to earn a sales commission for all the line-haul sales revenue that you generate in excess of $156,000.00 a month.

As a Jr. Account Executive, you must write $156,000.00 in line-haul revenue per month before earning commissions. The first $156,000.00 of line-haul revenue covers your base salary in this role. Each month you exceed $156,000.00 in line-haul revenue, you will be eligible for a commission of 1.35% of all line-haul sales revenue. There are no cap limits on the commissions you may achieve as a Jr. Account Executive.

As a Jr. Account Executive, you are also eligible to earn discretionary increases to your base salary. (See Schedule above) The base salary of a Jr. Account Executive starts at $37.500.00 and can increase up to $47,500.00, and can now include commissions. A discretionary increase to your base salary in Stage Two is determined by your manager and based on the overall assessment of your performance. Your commission percentage rate will remain the same during this stage, regardless of your base salary increase(s).

When you have reached the maximum base salary of $47,500.00, you are now eligible for the next stage in your career –

Excellent Job and Congratulations!!


Stage Three  |  Sr. Account Executive


Congratulations on achieving another great advancement in your sales path here at SPD and obtaining the elite status
of Sr. Account Executive. When you have reached this stage in your transportation sales path, you will have
demonstrated that you are a competent and self-sufficient transportation sales professional needing very little

When reaching the position of Sr. Account Executive you will have proven to be proficient and accomplished in the
use of our CRM tool for managing existing and prospect accounts, scheduling and tracking meetings, quotations
provided to accounts, and overall ability to measure yourself and your accomplishments. You have also
demonstrated that you are a valuable part of the sales team and that your customer relationships are important and
maintained to ensure optimal performance.

As a Sr. Account Executive your base salary will increase to $50,000. At the base salary of $50,000.00, you must
continue to write $156,000.00 in line-haul revenue per month before earning any commission. To smooth out your
overall compensation, you can elect to request an increase in base salary from your manager, up to a maximum of
$60,000.08. The Sr. Account Executive will continue to earn .0135% on sales after the required line haul revenue
exceeds their respective base salary.

The line haul revenue required before commission increases incrementally based on the base salary of the Sr.
Account Executive using the following formula:

Current Base Salary Example

  • A Base Salary of $50,000.00 equals $4,166.67 a month | $156,000.00 in required line haul revenue X 
    .0267094% = a monthly base salary of $4,166.67.


Proposed New Base Salary Example

  • A Base Salary increase from $50,000.00 to $60,000.08 = a $10,000.08 increase in base salary. To earn an 
    additional $10,000.08 a year [or $833.34 a month] in commissions under the current base salary example, 
    the Sr. Account Executive must write $61,728.40 in line haul revenue X at the commission rate of .0135%. 
    Therefore, the new required line haul revenue would be $156,000.00 plus the additional $61,728.40: 
    Totaling $217,728.40 in line haul revenue before being eligible for commission under the new base salary. 
    Approval for an increase to a base salary is the sole discretion of the manager. It is considered after you 
    have proven your ability to maintain a level of line-haul sales that consistently exceeds the minimum linehaul 
    requirements of the base increase.


All line-haul revenue exceeding the Sr. Account Executives monthly base salary requirement will be eligible for an
override commission of 1.35% of all line-haul revenue. There are no cap limit on the commissions achieved as a Sr.
Account Executive.

Achieving the status of Sr. Account Executive is an exciting and rewarding time in your professional growth as a transportation sales professional. You should take pride in your accomplishments and know that the company is very proud of your efforts to grow professionally and financially, along with helping the company achieve organic growth through those efforts. We are excited to have you and equally excited for you personally for all the wonderful things that can be achieved personally and financially at this level of success.

When you achieve the level of professional growth as a Sr. Account Executive you have earned the opportunity to advance your career in a new direction. As a successful Sr. Account Executive you are now being evaluated and considered for an executive management position, which includes the oversight of customers and sales staff as an Executive Sales Manager.

Way to keep hitting it out of the Park – Congratulations!!!


Stage Four  |  Executive Sales Manager


Congratulations on achieving another great advancement in your transportation sales career and welcome to a new level of management that includes Customer Accounts and the Sales Staff at SPD!

The Executive Sales Manager role reports directly to the Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, and focuses on successfully leading the sales team by providing guidance, training, and mentorship. The Sales Manager is responsible for setting sales quotas and goals, creating sales plans, analyzing data, assigning sales territories to the sales team, and producing the overall sales results expected for the company each year.

This position will challenge you to become a different level of manager. As a Sr. Account Executive in Stage Three, you demonstrated your ability to effectively manage yourself and the customer base you developed [or were assigned].

As an Executive Sales Manager you will utilize many of the skills perfected as Sr. Account Executive, including leading, training, and mentoring a Sales Team of Account Executives. Your goal in this role is to effectively manage your team and mentor them to greatness, as you have done for yourself in your journey.

Some job responsibilities include:

  • Managing the company’s sales plan and expected annual revenue.

  • Meeting planned sales goals.

  • Setting individual sales targets with the sales team.

  • Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary.

  • Overseeing the activities and performance of the sales team.

  • Coordinating with Sr.VP of Sales & Marketing on lead generation.

  • Ongoing training of sales team.

  • Developing your sales team through motivation, counseling and product knowledge education.

  • Identify how to target the ideal customer, promote the organization, and sell our services effectively.


As the Executive Sales Manager, your total compensation consists of a Base Salary plus Commission. Your compensation is reflective of the total performance of revenue produced by the Sales Team compared to company budgeted expectations. The base salary for an Executive Sales Manager can range from $70,000.00 to $80,000.00 (DOE), plus a commission that allows you to earn up to $130,000.00. As the Executive Sales Manager you will still manage a few accounts, but your primary goal is to manage the production level of sales staff. Therefore, your commissions are structured to reflect the overall result of your staff’s efforts each month.

What an accomplishment for you to have reached this stage in your sales path in the Account Executive Sales Program. We feel fortunate to have you in a leading role of promoting and growing the sales of our company. There is only one stage left for you to accomplish within the Sales Department of our company.

Your accomplishments have been endless so far – Congratulations!!!!

Get your career started today!


Stage Five  |  Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing


Congratulations on reaching the pinnacle position of your professional transportation sales career here at SPD. You have demonstrated that you are an exceptional leader of people, a strong developer of key relationships, and a true visionary that clearly sees the future and knows how to navigate and direct our company through the calmest and roughest of seas.

The Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing provides leadership, direction, and resource stewardship to the Executive Sales Manager and Account Executive Staff. As SPD’s most-senior sales leader, the Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing is accountable for the overall organizations sales performance, profitable achievement of sales, organization sales goals, and for aligning sales objectives with a firm business strategy.

This position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Smokey Point Distributing, Inc. and is considered part of the Executive Leadership.

Some job responsibilities include:

  • Aligns SPD’s objectives with sales strategy, addressable market and budgeting.

  • Accountable for effective sales design of personnel and geographic sales design of personnel.

  • Meets expected targets for profitable sales volume, market share, and other key financial objectives.

  • Directs strategic pricing for key accounts and oversee all RFQ & RFP’s for sales department.

  • Directs all learning and development initiatives of the sales department.

  • Ensures all key sales and sales management associates are accountable for assigned results.

  • Provides leadership to the sales and management team, while fostering a culture of accountability.

  • Accountable for the sales budget.

  • Works closely with the Chief Information Officer to implement technology initiatives of sales department.

  • Continuously assessing the need for organizational change.

  • Establishes and maintains productive relationships with all larger and smaller customers and prospects.

  • Achieves objectives for sales, profits, volume, commodity diversification, and other strategic goals.

Well you made it to the top of your field here at SPD. There is a lot riding on your shoulders but you have obviously proved you can handle it so far. Your future is completely in your hands. If you have made it this far, you are exceptionally talented and we appreciate your journey so far here at SPD.

At Stage Five in SPD’s Account Executive Sales Program, “You’re in it to Win It”! Congratulations and we are excited to see you continue to hit home runs and be rewarded professionally and financially.

As the Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing your total compensation will consist of a Base Salary plus commissions and discretionary end-of-year bonus that reflects the total performance of revenue produced by your Sales Team and overall performance of the company, compared to company budgeted expectations. The Base Salary for this position can range from $90,000.00 to $125,000.00 (DOE), plus a commission that allows you to make up to $225,000.00.

As the Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing, you will be responsible for meeting the overall top line revenue expectations of the company.

The design for the total compensation of this position centers around how well you succeed at executing on the company’s expectations for revenue. If you are up for the challenge and succeed, be ready to be rewarded both professionally and financially –


Awesome career you have created for yourself – Congratulations!!!!!

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