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SPD's logo adopted in 1979
SPD's logo adopted in 1985
SPD's logo adopted in 2009
SPD's logo adopted in 2023

Smokey Point Distributing offers one of the continent’s most diverse trailer fleets to all 48 states and Canada, featuring retractable curtain trailers in flatbed, step deck, and low profile step deck. We are committed to flexible service including partials, teams, over-dimensional, truckload, and full supply chain logistics.

Over the past four decades, SPD’s highest priority has been serving our customers. Whether they are Fortune 100 companies requiring large contracts and multiple lanes or just a person needing something tansported, we treat them with the utmost respect and integrity by building on the core values of our founder and the commitment and expertise of our long-tenured team.

With this approach, we've witnessed remarkable growth, both as an organization and as an integral part of our community. Through sponsoring local events, championing charitable causes, and spearheading social initiatives, SPD stands tall as a proud cornerstone of our community.

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