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Every shipment is precious to us at Smokey Point.

We have a unique commitment to delivering loads just like yours — often large, cumbersome, and fragile.

We’re serious about service, have high standards and one of the continent’s most diverse fleets all standing at the ready to help you get your load where it needs to be — safe and sound.

As evidence of our company-wide commitment to safety, quality trucks and trailers, driver performance and low cargo claims, our CSA ratings are amongst the best in the industry. Now that’s higher standards.

Our experienced and professional drivers understand freight, how to move it, and that every load is precious.


We value our drivers and are proud that our driver retention rate is five times higher than the industry average. The driver you have today will be the driver you have tomorrow.

Put your confidence in SPD and know that your precious cargo is in great hands.

Contact us today to learn how SPD can help haul your cargo!

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